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Shenstone House was originally a private Victorian house and has been operating as a care home for over 30 years. Our Home is set within it’s own quiet mature garden; located in the idyllic village of Shenstone in the Worcestershire countryside, with the local town centre of Kidderminster being 3 miles away.

It is very much a family home for everyone involved, residents, families and friends, the staff and others that visit. At Shenstone House, we specialise in caring for residents with dementia-related illnesses. The care provision endorses a holistic approach, which is sensitive to the needs of every resident, and it encompasses the following essential aspects of the person; We provide our residents with a life that is as normal as possible, given their individual health and care needs. We provide this in homely surroundings with the care that will enable them to live as independently as possible with privacy, dignity and with the opportunity to make their own choices. To achieve this, we ensure that assessments of their needs and life histories are used to develop individual care plans.

We acknowledge that the residents are paramount and central to our Person-Centred Care approach and the decisions we make at all times. We also aim to support relatives and friends of our residents as we understand how difficult it is at times, the practical and emotional demands this creates can make ordinary life impossible. It is difficult to cope and yet seeking outside help can be distressing for all concerned.

Experience has always taught us the happier you are with our service, the more confidence will convey itself to your relatives and friends.

Our Quality Commitment

Shenstone House aims to provide the people in it’s care with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well being and comfort are of prime importance and where their mental health needs can be met with dignity.

Care Plans

The health, personal care and social needs are set out in an individualised plan of care. This is generated from a comprehensive assessment of the Resident’s needs along with family involvement. The care plan also meets relevant clinical guidelines as instructed by professional bodies and are reviewed monthly by the staff. Relatives sign a declaration saying that they agree what is written and that the nurses and carers will inform them of any changes. Our residents and their relatives will decide on how and where they would like to be cared for, when their condition deteriorates and it is important for us to recognise and respect their wishes.


Our skilled carers strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and the privacy of everyone we care for, within a warm and caring atmosphere. Sensitivity to their ever changing needs is crucial, whether these needs are medical, therapeutic, cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional or social. Key to effective person centred care planning is the participation of trained staff.
Participation in the development of individualised advanced care plans is encouraged, where the input of family and friends is also greatly valued; again this input is especially important with those who have dementia. Our care plans aid in the creation of programmes of activities that are designed to encourage mental alertness, self-esteem and an increased level of social interaction with others.

Person centred care

In order to respect our core values, a highly personalised person-centred care planning process is essential. We believe we care for individuals with unique personalities, core beliefs and life experiences, who just happen to have dementia.
Our care plans are structured to focus on what our people can do, rather than what they can't find recognises capabilities and how we can best structure our care to promote and encourage that capability. Where a particular need is identified, the care plan highlights how staff can effectively address that need.

Care plan review

Once developed the care plans are regularly reviewed to ensure that the person is responding well and that the plan a true reflection of the individual it is designed to describe. Family and relatives are encouraged to participate in the person's daily routines as far as is practicable, and are invited to monthly formal reviews. Key workers attend these reviews and it is a chance for us to ensure everyone is receiving the support they need in line with their personal choices and preferences. Thereafter a formal review is held with the person's key worker on a monthly basis, family members are welcome to attend this meeting. A six monthly review is held twice a year, where family members are formally invited to attend this meeting.


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