Welcome to Golden Nest Care Home (Shenstone House)

offering person-centric care in homely environment

Registered Provider

Golden Nest Carehomes Limited is,an independent care provider registered in England and Wales, the current provider of Shenstone House registered by Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the local authority is Worcestershire County Council (WCC).

Director and Registered Manager

Director and Responsible Person:
Suresh B Konduru – MBA
Registered Manager:
Deborah Ann Fidoe – Registered Manager


Golden Nest Carehomes Limited, is governed and managed by highly educated and experienced professionals with the background in UK Healthcare, IT and Education sectors. The Board of Advisors consists of consultants from Health and IT sectors

Vision and Mission

Vision: We strive to provide high quality person-centred care in a SAFE, CARING, RESPONSIVE, EFFECTIVE and WELL-LED environment.
Mission: Through excellence in facilities, experienced, trained and motivated staff promoting best care values

Core Values

The following core values states, as an organisation, what we stand for;
Our residents are the heart of everything we do
Having honest and open communication
Respecting the privacy and dignity, promoting the independence
Protecting the rights of our residents and providing them the quality care
Ensuring our service provision is fit for purpose and meets all the requirements of the regulatory and professional bodies and aligning with the terms of reference and key lines of enquiries of CQC

Aims and Objectives

Privacy: the right a resident to be left alone
Dignity: the understanding of needs and treating them with respect
Independence: allowing to take calculated risks, make their own decisions and think and act for themselves
Choice: giving the opportunity to select for themselves
Rights: promoting all basic human rights available to residents
Fulfilment: encouraging to realise their own aims and assist them in achieving their goals in all aspects of daily living

Policies and Procedures

Statement of Purpose

Our Statement of purpose is relevant to our residents, staff, visitors and other relevant parties with an interest in our care provision. It’s purpose is to act as a central source of information for policies and procedures, outlines the care we provide, how we are organised to provide that care and includes a general overview of the premise, facilities, services and practices adopted to implement the efficient delivery of meeting our stated purpose
Please write to us and ask for a copy of our Statement of purpose

We adhere to a data protection policy that ensures that the processing of Personal Data in connection with employees and residents will comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR Act, which came into existence and implemented in May 2018
Please write to us and ask for a copy of our Confidentiality and data protection policy and procedure

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We take the well being, health and safety of our very seriously and operate strict procedures to ensure this is maintained at all times. We have a robust safeguarding policy in place and promote our Choice, Privacy, Dignity, Respect and Confidentiality at all times
Please write to us and ask for a copy of Safeguarding policy and procedure

Shenstone House recognises that in order to improve and continue to offer a high standard of care to the people we care for; we need to listen and give a voice to the people who use our service
Please write to us and ask for a copy of Complaints policy and procedure

All our policies and procedures, staff handbooks and other standard forms and templates could be accessed from our secured cloud space. Please send us a written request to access our policies and procedures

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